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About Me

After working for a blue-chip company for nearly 20 years, I rehomed my skills into web development and into a sport I love, Darts!

Early years I wrote minor video games and started a course in business machine coding. Leaving this behind I joined a major chemical firm and had roles covering business operation management, sales and pricing. Following a further university course in computer frontend design, I now write and develop websites mainly to do with the darts.

Darts Websites

I write some of the best dart websites on the internet! Wow, what a statement, but it is true!

I have played the sport for longer than I wish to let on. I have researched the history of the game and its development over the past 100 years. My website contains history, games, dartboard evolution, setup and rules, world champions and previous winners of major darting events. However, this is just a sample of the hundreds of pages I have written to support darts in general.

I also write websites for professional players, like Trina Gulliver MBE, the ten-time ladies World Darts Champion and Mark McGeeney former BDO World No.1 and 2018 World Champion runner-up.

My credentials don’t end there. I have also written articles for books and magazines as well as supplying many graphics that feature in several publications.



Est in 2004 Darts501 is General information and resource darts website. Information about the latest tournaments, premier league darts, games, players, how to play, history of the sport, dartboard and tons more. Darts501 is a well establish darts website and is regularly updated, at least once per week if not more.

This website is read worldwide and contains more information about the sport of darts than most, if not all!

Visitors can print a full years PDC, WDF dart event lists from the website for their personal use. I also make available the UKDA (Inter-County Championships) fixtures.

This website is highly rated and recommended by top dart professionals, writers and authors of dart books. The site is used as a resource website for many that are looking for information about the sport of darts.

The website has had an increase of dart topics during 2021 including Darts World Records, Darts Tournament history, Dartachery, Royals at the Oche and New Dart Games, The Bullseye, to name just a few!

It is, in my opinion, the best overall darts information website on the internet!




Darts-UK was set up to provide information as regards major UK WDF, England, Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland darts. It contains the history of events that can no longer be found elsewhere. General information as regards games and rules, dartboard lighting, setup etc. can also be found on this website.

This website has become an essential point of resource information for UK league and county players as well as the pub or club player. The dart event history tables are updated as soon as the latest event has been completed.

This website, along with Darst501.com, also supports Disability Darts and has done so from its conception.

There is now a semi-professional disability darts major tournament sponsored by the dartboard manufacturer Winmau. For a player to play at this event, they must first compete in several other qualifying rounds. Details of these events have in the past, been published on Darts-UK. However, due to frequent change and TBC from the organisers, it is no longer possible to provide meaningful accurate disability event information. The organisers have over the past two years struggled to confirm details. Hence, I have removed the disability event listings from the site. Although, I remain a passionate supporter of disability darts tournaments.

Darts-UK had a makeover in 2019 and is proving a good website for the UK darts fans.




Darts-oche looks at the sport of darts from an amateur player and a fan's perspective. The site contains helpful information regarding UK dartboards, dart games and rules, dartboard setup, scoring and checkouts. If you are an avid fan, you will also find sections on professional player's walk-on music, nicknames the players use and tips on maintaining your dartboard and darts.

The darts resource also provides tournament draw sheet downloads, a dart leg scorer, information regarding disability darts and help to tune your game. A brief history section also examines how the game evolved and the facts and myths surrounding the sport.

Dart event details are also available, and you can also download professional event calendars for the coming year.

If you enjoy this website, then you may be interested to know I have written several darts websites. More information can be found in the footer of this page under the title of Darts Websites of Interest.

Darts-Oche 2023


Trina Gulliver MBE


Trina Gulliver MBE is the 10 Time Ladies World Darts Champion, best there has ever been in the ladies’ sport of darts. Trina received an MBE for her services to the sport of darts and charitable work. Well over 100 notable titles to her name and a regular on TV.

Trina has won every major tournament worth listing at least once if not several times.

Trina is the best know ladies’ darts player on the planet and is also the former England Ladies Captain. However, she still plays in some of the England international games.

Trina has also been a commentator and pundit on the PDC World Darts and celebrity on UK Gameshows Bullseye, Question of Sport and Pointless. She has been a regular on BDO TV broadcast events, and BBC radio has interviewed her on numerous occasions regarding lady’s darts and her unrivalled success. If she isn’t playing, then the commentators are usually referring to her as the best female dart player the world has seen. She is the only female dart player to compete in all the World Finals since their conception and has once again earned a place at the 2020 world finals.


Mark McGeeney


Mark McGeeney is the former British Darts Organisation No. 1 player and England International player. Mark reached the 2018 BDO World Championship final and narrowly lost to Glen Durrant in the final.

In January 2019 Mark attended the PDC Q School and won a two-year tour card to compete on the PDC circuit. He moved from the BDO Organised Darts Events after winning his tour card to the more lucrative PDC Darts Circuit at the end of January 2019.

PDC ranking / Order of merit is based on winning gained over two years. Not a point system the BDO adopt. New players start at zero and will have the lowest raking allocated. In the first five-months Mark has moved nearly halfway up the ranking table, achieved a nine-dart finish in round 9 of the Players Championship and is poised to climb higher before the year is out.

Mark is known as the ‘Gladiator’ and is also the two-time, back-to-back BDO Dutch Open Champion. The Dutch Open is the biggest darts event in the World and attracted over 5,000 competitors in 2018.

In October 2018 Mark was signed by one of the biggest dart manufacturers in the world ‘Unicorn’. The GM Unicorn Group has some of the biggest names in darts registered to them, and only the best will do!

In October 2018, before moving to the PDC, Mark won the Turkey Open and Classic and featured in a joint BDO/PDC Grand Slam of Darts November 2018.

Marks NEW Signature darts manufactured by Unicorn became purchase in July 2019 and feature on the markmcgeeney.com website.




This website is a cutdown version of the much larger and well establish Darts501.com website. It covers general darts information regarding dartboard set up, games, rules and UK regional dartboards. Dart checkout lists and major tournament past winners’ lists that most internet users search.

The website is packed full of additional darts resource information including History of darts, dartboards, terms used in the darts. Plus, the many dartboards that are used or have been used in the UK over the past 100 plus years.

Darts01 is an excellent alternative website for advertisers that may have posted articles on Darts501.com or Darts-UK in the past.

This website is mobile-friendly, fully responsive (like the others detailed here) and has been reviewed by professional players and manufactures as one of the best darts resources sites they have ever seen.


Sue Gulliver


Sue Gulliver is one of England most popular ladies dart players and has competed at the top level of ladies’ darts for many years. Her recent return to top form proves she is still a force to be reckoned with. The former England international players and Warwickshire County players achieved one of the highest lady’s darts averages in the British Inter-County Championships in the 2017-18 season and booked herself a place in the Winmau Master play-offs as a result.

Sue started playing darts at 14 and continues to play at the highest level of the sport.

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Want to see some other work?

It not just about darts, I have written other websites that cover small businesses, baking, hairdressing and even a small museum

Darts Websites Portfolio

When it comes to darts, I have it covered. You could say I have hit the bullseye! All websites are fully responsive and mobile-friendly. Just part of the Darts information and professional player websites I have written.







Mark McGeeney

Mark McGeeney

Trina Gulliver MBE

Trina Gulliver MBE